Cheboksary production association n.a. V.I. Chapaev was found in 1941 and since that time is one of the greatest and oldest defense enterprise in Russia. Today it's the grate multi-profile production association, which produces more then 1000 denominations of different kinds of products. The Association has four main areas of production:

Pyrotechnical production – special-purpose products and civil production:

  • high-altitude, park and ground fireworks;
  • domestic fireworks;
  • antihail products;
  • smoke, lightening, signaling products;
  • fire extinguishing products.

Rubber-technical production

  • rubber and rubber-technical industrial products;
  • rubber glue;
  • children rubber balls;
  • galoshes.

Mechanical and plastic productions – services for mechanical metalworking, plastic consumer goods.

For a number of products the enterprise is the only manufacturer in Russia, among them – antihail products, children balls, rubber plates for submarines, special defense products.

The Association pays an important part innovative activity: working out new kinds of special products, expanding the pyrotechnical products and rubber balls ranges. For today, innovative direction is almost 36% of total production.

Developed industrial infrastructure, positive reputation and the greatest experience, the introduction of modern management techniques, equipment modernization grant the highest quality and allow to keep competitive market positions.

Besides, JSC “CPA n.a. V.I.Chapaev” is social active enterprise, which takes part in sponsorship and charity projects and other different social events not only in Chuvash Republic, but in Russian Federation too.

JSC “CPA n.a. V.I.Chapaev” is part of JSC "Scientific-Production Concern "Techmash” - holding as a part of State Corporation "Rostec"; is one of strategic organizations in Russian Federation and one of the greatest enterprises in Chuvash Republic.