JSC “Cheboksary production association n.a. V.I. Chapaev” is dynamically developing enterprise of Chuvash Republic, which produces the wide assortment of military and civil products. Today the Enterprise includes four main areas of production: pyrotechnical, rubber-technical, mechanical and plastic.

PYROTECHNICAL PRODUCTION specializes on the output of special production for the state defensive order pyrotechnical civil articles, and also professional and domestic fireworks:

  • antihail rockets «Alazan»for the agriculture arable lands protection from hail;
  • smoke, light and signal articles;
  • cartridges for the influence on clouds with purpose of causing and redistribution precipitations;
  • more then 300 denominations of high-altitude, park and domestic fireworks.

Also the enterprise organizes firework shows from the working out a screen play to firework shows demonstration of any difficulty.

The assortment of RUBBER-TECHNICAL PRODUCTION is the great range of rubber-technical products:

  • molded and nonmolded rubber-technical articles for automotive, shipbuilding, oil and gas, electrical industries;
  • rubber and rubber-metal parts, which are the elements of support assemblies of hydraulic face engines;
  • rubber clue;
  • rubber hoses
    and also consumer goods:
  • rubber galoshes;
  • children rubber balls.

PLASTIC PRODUCTION has an opportunity of production plastic articles such materials as: polyethylene,polypropylene, polystirol plastic ABS, AG48, phenoplast and others.

MECHANICAL PRODUCTION lets to produce different metal possessing:

  • pressing
  • stamping
  • mechanical processing
  • cutting;
  • welding;
  • tempering;
  • galvanic processing.

Mechanical production has a painting lines and colour casting machines and also it can produce stainless steel articles.

Also the Association has wood-manufacturing industry, tool-making production, and nonstandard equipment department. Our enterprise has research, construction and technological departments, experimental production, research base.

The production is centrally served by auxiliary plants:

  • instrumental plant – provides rigging output, control and measuring tools for Association needs;
  • substandard equipment plant;
  • packaging plant – provides the production with necessary packaging; manufacture of nonstandard furniture for plants and departments;
  • energetic plant – provision of electricity and heart transfer fluids;
  • mechanical repair, assembly and other plants.

Developed industrial infrastructure, positive reputation and the greatest experience, the introduction of modern management techniques, equipment modernization grant the highest quality and allow to keep competitive market positions.

Besides, JSC “CPA n.a. V.I.Chapaev” is social active enterprise, which take part in sponsorship and charity projects and other different social events not only in Chuvash Republic, but in Russian Federation too.

JSC “CPA n.a. V.I.Chapaev” is part of JSC "Scientific-Production Concern "Techmash” - holding as a part of State Corporation "Rostec"; is one of strategic organizations in Russian Federation and one of the greatest enterprises in Chuvash Republic.